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Capitalization of Your Intellectual Property

IP Solutions  & Brand Protection
IP Shares
We have developed the solution that allows companies and projects to attract investments from Institutional and Private investors based on their Protected and Valuated Intellectual Property (IP).

We help companies to capitalize on their Intellectual Property Assets with IP Shares. 


Protection of IP Assets
We build a thorough Portfolio of IP Assets of your company: Brand & Logo, Domain & Business Concepts, Original Ideas & Innovations, Products & Services.

Your Intellectual Property is protected in 181 countries according to IP Protection Certificate.


Valuation of IP Assets
We determine the monetary value of the IP Portfolio of your company according to IVS 210 (International Valuation Standard for Intangible Assets).

Monetary Value is verified with International Certificate recognized in 160 countries.


Attracting Investments 
Based on the IP Portfolio of your company, we issue IP Shares that can be sold to Institutional and Retail Investors in a form of NFTs, Tokens and Purchase Agreements.

We can assist your project in attracting investments from UAE Family Offices by using IP Shares.

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IP Shares

Main idea: 

Issuance of IP Shares is a unique financial mechanism that enables investors of all types to purchase a portion of a company's protected and valuated intellectual property assets.

With this solution, investor's rights are safeguarded, while companies can raise funds without giving up any equity in exchange

Main Benefits of IP Shares

  • IP is not regulated by SEC,             IP Shares are not securities.
  • IP Shares can be sold as NFTs, Tokens or Purchase agreements
  • Ideal solution for Crypto, Web3 and NFT projects
  • Fast Preparation & Launch          (25 days)
  • Companies can raise capital from a large number of investors without offering  equity in return
  • Raising Capital in Fiat and Cryptocurrency
  • Full compliance with International and Local Laws

Simple Structure

  • Development of IP Portfolio
  • Protection of IP Portfolio
  • Valuation of IP Portfolio
  • Issuance of IP Shares
  • Fundraising
We provide assistance with attracting investments from Family Offices in UAE with the help of IP Shares.

IP Protection

Full Protection of your IP


  1. Copyright Protection in 181          countries:

  • Brand & Logo Protection

  • Website & Design

  • Technologies & Business Models

  • Innovative Solutions & Ideas

      2.  Trademark Registration

      3.  Patent Registration

IP Valuation

IP Valuation helps:

  • To raise capital, receive loans

  • To facilitate Buying & Selling of IP Assets

  • To aid in licensing negotiations

  • To support litigation involving    IP Infringement

We determine the monetary value of your IP Assets in accordance with IVS 210 Intangible Assets.

Business Setup in UAE

     Open a company in UAE


     Intellect Lawyer assists with:

  • Setting up a company

  • Bank accounts opening

  • UAE visas

  • Emirates ID

  • Office set up

How to Start:
IP Shares Package


Consultation with

IP Specialist

We sign NDA, gather information about your project and prepare the Commercial Offer with the suitable solution for your business.


Contract & Payment

After the Commercial Offer has been accepted, we draft the Contract & Invoice, proceed to payment, and start with the entire process.


Development of

IP Portfolio

We create IP Portfolio with all Intellectual Property Assets of the company.


Registration & Valuation

of IP Assets

We protect & valuate IP Portfolio in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVS 210).

You receive an authentic IP Protection Certificate recognized in 181 countries along with an International Valuation Certificate recognized in 160 countries.


Issuance of IP Shares

Based on the IP Assets of your company, we issue IP Shares.


These IP Shares may be offered for sale to institutional and retail buyers as NFTs, Tokens, and Purchase Agreements.


Attracting Investments

in UAE

To attract investments from UAE-based Family Offices, we offer comprehensive assistance to your project.

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IP Shares Package

Sucessful Stories

  • IP Protection in 181 countries
  • IP Valuation over US$251,000,00
  • Issuance of IP Shares
  • Fundraising
SIDUS HEROES attracted over US$20,000,000 through IP Shares that were sold as NFTs
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